Wadda ya wanna make those eyes at me for?

Thursday, 19 July 2007

What's the porpoise of this blog

To be serious for a moment (and it may never happen again!) I would like to invite all the deep thinkers to contribute right here!
But there are many forums and other blogs! I hear you say.
Well yes, but, they do seem to be populated by a large majority of strange people who insist on asking "Help! How do I ................. (insert whatever you like... it's usually "turn the phone on") Bless 'em!
What I want is some refreshing enlightenment about the burning topics gripping the world (of N95) and some light-hearted tom foolery on the way!
If you know what I mean then be as anarchic and irreverent as you want, just make sure you do it with a chuckle/smile/wombat. (and don't fall foul of the big "G's" T&Cs!) Foul language will be reported to KFC!